Restoration :

A photograph is not just a shot taken from a camera; rather it is a life-long memory captured in all its vividness. With the advancement in technology, today you can store digital copies of your favorite photographs. These memories stay intact for generations. Digital photo restoration makes use of image editing techniques to restore any visible damage and mask the aging effects from photographs.

Our technicians are extremely proficient in the:

  • Removal of stains
  • Restoring of damages due to loss of pigments and chemical coats
  • Repairing color discoloration
  • Bringing back of mouldy, torn, cracked or folded images
  • Restoring of custom borders
  • Removing of album glue damage
  • Removal of tears, dirt and scratches
  • Repairing of minor shake and bad lighting
  • Repairing of Silver Fish damage
  • Adding of color to black and white photos
  • Re-applying of colorization