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Masking/Clipping Path :

Masking :

We provides an image masking service at the best price possible,Our highly trained Photoshop professionals has mastered all the best techniques.
• Alpha channel
• Layer Mask
• White Background
• Transparent Background

Clipping Path:

We are capable of handling any level of complexity in photo clipping. Our services can be categorized into four service levels:

Simple clipping path: Projects that involve clipping simple images (with smooth, straight edges) come under simple clipping path jobs.

Complex clipping path: Images with multiple curves, edges and uneven surfaces take a lot of time to make clipping path on them. Flowers and Jewellery are a good example of complex clipping path requirements.

Clipping path with shadow: Shadows give a more realistic look to the clipped images. We can add a natural drop shadow to your images irrespective of whether the original ones have it or not.

Clipping path with reflection: We can add a smart mirror-like reflection to the key image or subject to give a nice three dimensional look.