About Us


Pic Retouching is a team of skilled image editing specialists in India who is committed for quality, excellence and satisfaction.

Pic Retouching is founded by Professionals with 10+ years of experience in the retouching industry. We provides full spectrum of retouching services like Basic retouching, Glamour retouching, masking, restoration, Album design, logo removal etc.

We have full faith in our team. They will live up to your expectations.We offer you great price and get work done in short span of time.

Pic Retouching serve customers all over the Globe.

Our Mission

Is to ensure that our clients will feel confident and satisfied with the projects we make, whether for personal use or business use, we have something great to offer.

Our Vision

Is to become a one stop shop for exquisite, timeless and unforgettable photos with the help of our technology and skills.

Our Standards

We aim to be consistent and build trust from our clients. To do so, we developed our own standards for customer satisfaction.